April 13, 2016

Folding Stairway

Access Solution: Folding Stairway

Access system according to BS EN 12811-1:2003

These ladders meet the requirements of the European Norm EN 12811. They are made of galvanized steel square profiles, the steps are slip resistant and made of expanded metal mesh.

They are available in two widths (70 cm and 100cm) and 6 different sizes that can be connected to each other safely for a maximal height of 4.7m.  The highest ladders we offer have 21 steps (18+3).


  • Regardless of the inclination, the steps are always horizontal.
  • The stairway is locked as soon as it is placed at the desired angle.
  • The stairways are made of square galvanized steel hollow profiles. The steps are made of slip-proof coarse-meshed expanded metal. The tread supports are designed to guarantee a slip-proof assembly.
  • It is possible to pre-assemble the stairways to the requested length previously to their transport to the building site, however, on-site assembly is also easily possible.
  • Two people can easily erect the stairways on site. The handrails have to be put in place and then the stairway can be positioned using suitable lifting equipment.
  • The ladder is easily folded and flat-packed for easy transport
  • The ladder can be assembled before being transferred to the work, but can also be mounted in the situation in when you are going to use it
  • Two people can assemble the ladder at work , place the rails and , with the help of a crane hoist .

The one-meter width of the stairways allows two-way access.

Download the Datasheet for the 1m-Ladder in pdf
Download the User Instructions for the 1m-Ladder in pdf

Product no.: A-19

European Standard – EN 12811
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