April 20, 2016

Ringed Sling Anchoring

Ringed Textile Anchors

Anchoring Point for Construction according to BS EN 795

This anchorage device is required to have multiple anchor points at every 1.5 m. This anchoring device should be inserted in the wrought iron of the reinforced concrete structure. It can be secured in different structural solutions with carabiner or on a strong element.

This is certified according to European Norm EN 795/96. This anchoring device has a D-ring every 1.5 m which offers the worker numerous and continued possibilities to attach his harness.

It is ideal to protect workers exposed to the risk of falling from façades while cleaning, mounting scaffolding, mechanized platforms, elevator shafts, roof works etc.

Product no: PA-4CAN72

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European Standard – EN 795
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