April 20, 2016

Anchorage on Rocks

Anchor Points for Rocks

Anchoring Point according to BS EN 795

This series of anchorage points are used in rock specific situations.

They are ideal for sites located in quarries, terraces and similar situations.

This special use on rocks makes so that it can allow for the coupling of anti-fall harnesses for workers in quarries and civil works. It has been certified according to EN795/96.

Due to its simple and easy installation, it is an ideal safety anchoring system for sites with a fall risk in:
• Quarry front
• Terrace
• Boulders
• Slopes in civil works

In general it is used for working environments where compressed air is the main power source or where electricity is not readily at hand. An advantage that The PA-4ROC Anchoring Device offers is that it´s designed to be installed with the usual job tools within quarries and civil works:pneumatic drill with a 32 mm bit and hammer It generates anchoring devices both for the direct fastening of harnesses and for lifeline installation.

Product No. : PA-4ROC

European Standard – EN 795
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