April 13, 2016

Ceiling Anchoring Point

Ceiling Anchoring Point

Anchor Device for Construction according to BS EN 795

Anchorage used for insertion into a reinforced concrete structure. It is inserted before pouring the concrete. To be used by 1 to 2 workers (please see instruction manual). A Steel D-ring is used to attach the harness. This is Certified in accordance with EN 795/96, Class A1.

Product no.: PA-4T65

PA-4T65S – 85cm. RESIDENCE normal … Ceiling height: aprox. 2.70m
PA-4T65L – 131cm HOTEL, OFFICES … Existence of a false ceiling. Ceiling height: aprox. 3.20m
PA4-T65XL – 232cm LOWER SHOPS, LOWER ROOFS … Ceiling height: aprox.4m
PA-4T65T – 131cm. RESIDENCE, HOTEL, OFFICES Ceiling height: aprox. 3m

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European Standard – EN 795
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