April 12, 2016

Debris & Tarps

Debris, Scaffolding Nets and Tarps

In order to protect a jobsite from falling debris and tools we supply a wide range of HDPE monofilament scaffolding/ debris nets.
DEBRIS NETS (Product no.: R-26M0xxx)
Available in different weights ( 50 gr./m2, 75 gr. m2 y 125 gr. / m2) and a wide range of colours: green, blue, white, yelow, red , black and orange. As standard, we serve in 2,00x50m, 2,57x50m y 3,07x 50m rolls with bottonholes every 5 cm. Please check with us for other measures.


TARP / SHADOWING NETS (Product no.: R-26MTARP0135S)
This option is thicker and more resitant. It´s made in HDPE leno fabric with LDPE coating and available in 130gr/m2 or 170gr/m2. Available in different sizes/rolls.

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