April 12, 2016

System U

System U for vertical securement

Safety Nets according to BS EN 1263, System U

System U: Nets used for vertical securement.
Brick Guardrail Nets – Scaffolding Netting
EN 1263-1 U A2 M100 Q. In northern Europe these nets are normally used in combination with scaffolds on the top level. These nets have been tested and approved by the German Baugenoschenhaft (BG). The standard sizes are as follows: 2m x 10m, 2m x 5m. The Nets are made of high tenacity polypropylene, 100mm-Mesh, 5mm, colours: Green, Blue, Red and Black .
Vertical Safety Net as Fall Protection, Closings of buildings from slab to slab.
These passive fall prevention barrier with nets is fixed on the slab via metal loops with extensible rods. The nets to which you can add a complete mosquito net or only in the form of a toe board at the lower part (height 1m), constitutes a very interesting option for the protection of skyscrapers because of their high containment level and high wind resistance capacity.
Ways to Fix:
Option 1: Expansion Block with Open Eyebolt
Safety net attached to consoles for horizontal use (safey net barriers). EN-1263-1 T A2 M100 Q y D. Nets without rope edge attached to a metal bracket console which is attached to the structure, or to the barrier.
Option 2: Fixation made with Temporary Textile Lifeline (UNE EN-795 class B)

European Standard – EN 1263
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