October 31, 2022

Steel Mesh Nets

Customized nets made of steel cable with dozens of applications in construction, architecture, security and decoration.

These nets are made of AISI 316 steel cables with diameters of 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm and 3 mm joined by means of metal clamps.

We can offer up to 30 different patterns and different mesh sizes.

The meshes are made to order with no limits on the length and width dimensions required.

For installation, a metal profile or 6mm or 8mm tensioning wire is required around the perimeter of the net.

The most common applications are: horizontal protection in floor slab openings in shopping centres or office buildings, protection in vertical openings or by means of metal frames they can be used as edge protection railings. They can also be used to create new structures, enclosures and innovative designs in architecture, sports facilities or zoos.

Their light and flexible design allows the creation of complex geometries in space.

Steel cable structure

Estructura cable de acero

Product references:

R-INOX1_ wire rope thickness 1 mm, structure 7×7, minimum breaking load 0.6 kN.
R-INOX1.2_ wire rope thickness 1.2 mm, construction 7×7, min. breaking load 1.5 kN
R-INOX1.5_ wire rope thickness 1.5 mm, construction 7×7, minimum breaking load 2.5 kN
R-INOX3_ wire rope thickness 3 mm, construction 7×19, minimum breaking load 5.3 kN


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