January 16, 2017

Gallow System V

Gallow System V

Collective Fall Protection according to BS EN 1263 system V

This system of collective protection with system V safety nets, originated in Spain where it’s use is widespread. It consists of gallows and support, nets and safety ropes EN 1263-1.

The system tested in AIDICO in accordance to the norm EN 1263:2004. It fullfills the requirements of this standard. The systema gallow support offers a complete and effective solution for the support of gallows and railings whereas other common methods do not offer adequate safety. The support can be recovered and is totally reusable.

Elements are placed at a maximum distance of 5m and offer protection for people working on the construction site as well as against falling objects. Although gallows can protect up to a 6m fall, we recommend their use for falls of only one floor (approx.3m).

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NORM – EN 13374
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