January 16, 2017

Hinged Brackets

Hinged Brackets

Collective Fall Prevention System with Safety nets

systema safety markets an innovative protection system for the buildings industry providing an easy to install safety solution. The main fixation of the system on the slab is done via a plastic base inserted into the fresh concrete. The element is disposable. This net support can be assembled by hand by any worker in under a minute.

The set consists of a mobile arm from which nets can be attached and placed at whatever distance from the slab, preventing falls from the slanted or flat slabs. Other products on the market take much longer to be assembled because they require a crane and the resulting net is usually 3 meters away from the slab, which offers little protection to roofers and other workers.

Additionally, a crane is needed for disassembly. This is another time-consuming action that can be rendered even more dangerous when nets react in a flag-like manner in windy weather conditions. On the other hand, our system can be assembled by hand or by crane. Nets do not pose a threat in windy conditions for our system because they are located within the structure.

Product No. : BA-2

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NORM – EN 13374
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