January 16, 2017

Rand and Rand Plus


Edge Protection for Roof Construction according to BS 13374

Temporary edge protection system compliant with the latest safety standards, specially designed for commercial buildings and warehouses.

unique innovative attachment allows to install the system at almost every building structure: steel frame, concrete beams, timber beams, concrete walls, bridges, etc.


  • Highly versatile: One single attachment can be used for metal, concrete or timber beams.
  • Easy and fast installation to horizontal, vertical and sloped columns or beams.
  • Large spans: with a max. distance between post up to 10m.
  • Confident working area for roofers: with vertical safety nets according to European standard 1263 Type U.
  • Handling by one person.
  • Also for long verge overhangs.
  • Can follow the curves of complex structures.

Two systems available:

    • RAND According to German standards BGI 807 and BGG 928. Loads on these standard are based on European Standard EN 13374 Class A.
    • RAND PLUS compliant to EN 13374 Class C, the most demanding standard for temporary edge protection systems, sucessfully tested in the external laboratory AIDICO.


Product no: BA-24xxx

Last projects with our RAND system

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