January 16, 2017

Safety Net Fan

Safety Net Fan

Fall Prevention Fan according to BS EN 1263 System T

systema safety protection fans with nets provide an effective system against falling for people, working material or rubble. Not only do these nets protect workers/objects from falling, but they also protect pedestrians walking on the street.

systema safety has developed a new EN 1263 T System to protect workers and pedestrians from potential hazards. Our fan system is adaptable to most edges with the choice of three different attachments including, slab attachments, wall attachments and scaffolding.

The systema T system can also be folded when needed for situations such as, allowing for crane access or to secure the system to the structure in case of strong winds. Our T-system fully complies EN 1263 and has been tested at external laboratories.

Product no.: BN-1

NORM – EN 1263 T
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