January 17, 2017



When renovating or updating facades, walls and roofs the safety of the workers and the site has to be assured. There are many solutions for high safety that can be used:

EDGE PROTECTION BARRIERS & ACCESS SYSTEMS FOR ROOF WORKS. We offer some solutions for roof work that need no scaffolding underneath.


Flexible system with safety nets that allows fixation on facade, beams, pillars and concrete walls. For buildings, bridges, towers, etc.

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Flex B-27100 Cornise

Adjustable edge protection for roofs.
The fixation of the system is done by means of dowels below or under the ledge. The post is then tilted in relation to the base in order to be set as vertical as possible. The lower support for the toe board is slidable to adapt to any extent in relation to the installation.
Certified in accordance to EN 13374:2013 class A and class B.

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FLEX B-2755P Walking Platform + Edge Protection

This protection system, which is located on the roof, has two basic jobs. The first job is to act as a walking platform so that the workers have easier roof access and the second job is to protect the workers from falling off of the roof.

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NETS. Debris Nets, and EN 1263-1 System U-Nets

Debris, Scaffolding Nets & Tarps

DEBRIS NETS (Product no.: R-26M0xxx)
Available in different weigh and a wide range of colours: green, blue, white, yelow, red , black and orange. As standard, we serve in 2,00x50m, 2,57x50m y 3,07x 50m rolls with bottonholes every 5 cm.

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Anchorage Sling with Expanding Anchor

This product has been certified in accordance with EN 795/96 Class A.1. Including the anchorage for which you do not have to estimate or be responsible for. The fixation should always be done under strict observation of the manufacturer in order to obtain a proper resistence.

With the fixation pre-determined and installed, all you need to do is wind the loop of the appendix to the gills and tighten the loop slightly again in order to reach its blocking over the fixation so that it cannot be loosened.

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