January 17, 2017




European organizations and companies have been  working hard for the last 20 years to standardise norms over the prevention of accidents in construction zones. The European Norms (EN), compulsory in all the countries of the European Union, are recognised as the most up to date and general standards. All EN Regulation are titled differently according to country: (UNE) in Spain, (BS EN) in the UK, (DIN EN) in Germany and (UNI) in Italy.  European Standards are being superseded or subsumed by International Standards (ISO). In many countries outside Europe, EN Standards have been adopted completely or merged with national regulations.  In the following articles we resume the main European Standards on high safety. The Standards may contain design, performance and marking requirements, depending on the type of equipment. At the bottom of each article, a link to the offices of national standarization, as well as offices of private entities with detailed information on ENs,  is provided.