Mosquito nets and anti-mosquito nets
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Mosquito nets and anti-mosquito nets


In order to protect horizontal and vertical surfaces from falling dirt, construction materials, or rubble, we supply a wide range of nets.



High-tenacity polyethylene monofilament insect screens available in different weights: 50 grams/m2, 75 grams/m2, and 125 grams/m2. Available colors: green, blue, white, yellow, red, black, and orange.

As a standard finish, they are supplied in rolls of 2.00x50m, 2.57x50m, and 3.07x50m with eyelets on the sides. We can tailor the nets to other sizes.


To prevent the fall of rubble and construction materials during rehabilitation and renovation work, vertical or horizontal nets with a 60mm or 45mm mesh are often installed. Optionally with sewn mosquito net. We offer a wide range of safety nets custom-made from high-tenacity polyamide with knot or high-tenacity polypropylene without knot.


These nets are more resistant and are usually installed as barriers or for scaffold protection, offering greater protection. We offer them in 130g/m2 or 170g/m2. In rolls or pieces tailored to various sizes.


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