FLEX Claw Post B-2711120R1 (120 cm high)
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  • FLEX Claw Post B-2711120R1 (120 cm high)

FLEX Claw Post B-2711120R1 (120 cm high)


New clamp with a jaw height of 120 cm. With a plate at the bottom that allows mounting on concrete stairs.

Traditional clamp with a jaw for flat or inclined surfaces up to 10°. Also available at a height of 100 cm.

Equipped with an anti-slip device to prevent the accidental fall of the internal element in case of excessive opening beyond the stop.

Certified according to regulations: UNE-EN 13374:2019 A.


Product Features

  • Fixation: Clamp/jaw.
  • Effective height of the element: 120 cm.
  • Clamp opening: 60/0 cm.
  • Weight: 5.6 kg.
  • Maximum distance between posts: 130 cm.
  • Finish: Galvanized.
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