Temporary Edge Protection

 Safety Guardrail Systems provide roof edge protection for temporary installations in accordance with EN 13374.

Permanent Safety Guardrails

These roof edge protection systems are used for permanent installations and comply with EN 14122-3:2010 standards.

Systems with Safety Nets

Fall Protection Systems using Safety Nets offer fast to install solutions providing the best overall protection immediately.

Safety Nets

Individual Safety Nets can be utilized to prevent falls of workers, tools and materials.

Access Systems

These temporary access solutions, designed in accordance to EN 12811 regulations, provide increased stability and safety at points of entrance.

Anchorage Points for Construction

Anchoring devices built in accordance to EN 795.

Taylor Made and Special Solutions

Our customized solutions are made on a case by case basis to help solve unique construction dilemmas.

Construction Equipment

We  provide specific construction equipment and labour wear relating to protection at work.