Solutions for Fall Protection

How does the site look like? Depending on the type of building, the timing or the existing materials we will have to use specific safety solutions.


Improve worker safety during the loading and unloading of trucks and lorries. Now with new posts.


When updating buildings, warehouses or bridges, temporary, easy-to-install saftety solutions are vital to protect workers and pedestrians.

Commercial Buildings

Construction of commercial buildings can be very dangerous for employees and the public if there is a lack of proper safety equipment. These products can help.

Residential Building

There are many different methods to ensure the safety of workers during the construction of residential buildings.


Specific fall protection products for railway works.

Civil Works

When preforming construction on bridges, road, railway, tunnels or harbours, there are numerous options for anchorages to prevent agaisnt falls.

Roof Construction

Specific solutions for the construction and refurbishment of flat and inclined roofs.



What industry standards must be met to maintain a safe workplace? Here, we provide detailed information on EN regulations and products that satisfy such requirements.