February 20, 2016



Temporary Edge Protection Systems provide an ad interim solution to increasing safety measures on site, especially against falls from high heights. Our systems comply with EN 13374 standards. We offer four distinct safety barriers:

Plastic Barrier for Edge Protection

Steel Mesh Barrier

Temporary Edge Protection System in which an unique steel mesh barrier replaces the classic 3-part protection. Robust and light, with a broad range of attachments.


Our Edge Protection System offers resistancy to harsh climate conditions and is made with UV-treated plastic, making it both suitable and desirable for any construction site.


The Basic System, our most widely used guardrail, is certified in accordance with EU standards
and demands for class A.

Barandilla tipo sargento


One of our most diversive options, the Flex´s wide range of guardrail posts allow for attachment to concrete, wood, sloped roofs, beams and different slabs. Certified in accordance with EN 13374 standards, as well as Classes A and B.