February 22, 2016

Anchorage Points for Construction

icon-04Anchorage Points according to the European Standard EN 795 : Personal fall protection equipment. Anchor devices.



Ceiling Anchorage Sling

For use of 1 to 2 workers, this device is inserted into reinforced concrete ceilings and is especially effective for shafts.

Anchorage Sling with Expanding Anchor

For increased flexability and movement, this product provides the perfect solution and is easily installed.


Personal protection system for the formwork decking process. Allows a safe installstion of the formwork plywood, safety nets and handrails.

Bolt Hanger

These anchor points can be used both to fix fall protection systems as well as a structural anchorage for life lines.

R Anchorage

The R Anchor is simple insereted into concrete, thus making it one of our most durable anchorage points.

Anchorage on Rocks

This series of anchorage points is ideal for quarries and terraces.

Buried Ground Anchorage

The PPE Anchoring Device allows for structural Anchoring that is especially applicable to civil works.

Ground Anchorage

Specially designed of easy installation for civil works, the Ground Achorage is a reliable means of improving jobsite safety.

Railway and Beam Anchors

This device allows for the use of a standard steel beam as a lifeline, for practically universal installation.

Ringed Sling Anchoring

This anchoring device offers the worker numerous points at which to attach their harness and is preferable for mounting scaffolding, mechanized platforms, etc.