January 16, 2017

HAVEN Counterweighted Barriers



This non-penetrative solution is attached to the ground by counterweights, no additional attachments needed. When not in use, this model can be easily folded and lowered to the ground.

What makes HAVEN a good fall protection solution?

European regulations are insisting on: Collective protection is the first choice.

That means: Wherever it is possible, a safety rail should be the preferred solution instead of Personal Protective Equipment.

Key benefits over other solutions:

  • No training
  • No annual inspection
  • Complete protection at any time
  • No limitation in the numbers of workers
  • Easy setup
  • Made of Aluminium
  • Increased productivity

Highest Safety Installation at any place where fall protection is required like at any type of flat roof buildings, terrace roofs or working platforms.

Ideal for making NEW and EXISTING buildings safe. But the guardrail system is limited to spaces that are NOT open to the public.

NORM – BS EN14122-3

The counterweighted safety rail can be installed with straight or inclined uprights:

Other installation Options: